If your dishwasher isn’t cleaning as well as it used to, we have a solution for you! Empty it out and take a half-filled medium sized glass with white vinegar in it, set it on the bottom rack, and run your dishwasher through its normal cycle. This will clean the internal parts of the dishwasher to make the cleaning cycle more efficient.

Fireplace Pilot Lighting Steps

Open the access panel at bottom of fireplace. Turn the gas line (red knob) to the “Open” position. Turn fireplace on/off knob from the “Off” position to the “Pilot” position. Press and hold the on/off knob. Press repeatedly the ignite button until pilot light ignites. Once the pilot light ignites keep holding the on/off button for 30 seconds. If the pilot light goes out when you release the on/off knob, repeat these sets. Once the pilot light stays lit, turn the fireplace on/off knob to the “On” position. If you are having trouble getting your pilot light to ignite, feel free to contact the office to setup a work order!

Winter Tips

Salt buckets will be placed at each door in every building. Please feel free to use the salt buckets if ice has formed around the door areas. Please keep the buckets covered and inside when not in use.

Make sure that you move your car from the parking lot after each snowfall to ensure that the entire parking lot area can be cleared. Cars not removed will be ticketed and towed.

Starting up your heater for the first time

Turn on your heat and test it before it gets too cold! This will ensure that everything is working properly and you won’t have to call after hours maintenance the first night it gets really cold! FYI: There might be a slight burning smell when you first turn your heat on, this is normal and should stop after a short time.

Starting up your A/C for the first time

Time to test your air conditioner! On a day that is at least 65 degrees, turn on your air conditioner/zoneline unit for at least 10 minutes. Check the vent or zoneline to make sure that cool air is being emitted. If you detect any issues, contact the office for service. We want to fix things BEFORE it gets hot outside!

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